Roaming the streets near you, Juan More Taco is raring to feed hungry hordes Mexican tacos that’ll have you shaking your maracas!

There’s no hiding we’re obsessed with Mexican eats, so it’s our aim to serve up bona fide cuisine inspired by our culinary trip to Mexico. We’re dedicated to delivering the comfort of home style cooking, presentation of street food tacos and the true authentic flavours of regional Mexico. We’ll have you hollering ‘Arribaaa!’ at first glance of our menu.

Our Tacos: Tacos are well known but often misrepresented. To most of us, a taco translates to a crisp shell morsel overflowing with flavoured mince, shredded lettuce and cheddar cheese (they’re excellent hangover cures, but nothing special). However, traditional tacos from Mexico are warm soft corn tortillas heaped with tasty fillings, and topped with equally delicious salsas and sauces, which are then folded and devoured. All tacos are messy, but authentic tacos will truly tantalise your tastebuds. Fun taco fact:Tacos vary from one region to another; carnitas in Michoacan and Jalisco, tacos de barbacoa from Hidalgo and Tlaxcala, and pollo pibil from the Yucatan.

Our Values: Our fare is simple, fresh and distinctive, with everything made from scratch and with love!

We’re offering an evolving menu with differing meat, vegetarian and vegan options. All tacos are served in soft corn tortillas (gluten free, of course) piled with handmade salsas and special sauces. Occasionally, we will drop in an especial, antojitos (little cravings) or add to the menu.

We have placed great importance on minimising our impact on the environment with an emphasis on sourcing fresh local ingredients and utilising packaging that is bio gradable or recyclable.